In search of the best and brightest

All companies share the challenge of identifying and hiring talented employees. The team at Wolf Greenfield, an IP law firm with a 90 year history in Boston, updated their website and chose creative video as means to inform potential team members about their mission and culture.

WG - Career

The series of videos hosted on the colorful Careers page provides a fresh approach when many businesses utilize photos and prose to tell their story. Sharing employees insights, interactions, and personal career goals via video provides a unique view inside WG, allowing those on the outside a very real perspective.

Wolf Greenfield takes great pride in its training and mentoring programs. The fact their professionals are technical and legal specialists AND at the forefront of their fields is easy to see. Their passion and drive are difficult to miss. Messaging throughout the video series highlights employee spirit, purpose and a collegial culture which shine as bright as the page on which they are hosted.

This series of videos are a great example for those employers in search of the best and brightest.

– Jim Johnston


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