Shawmut Construction – UMASS-Boston Residence Halls

The first “private public partnership” – better known as a PPP – in Massachusetts.   LMP was there to document the partnership, the construction, and the ribbon cutting.

Firefighter of the Year – Joseph Toscano

There is no such thing as a routine “call” when you’re a firefighter.  Joseph Toscano gave his life to the people of Watertown one day.  We were honored to be asked to help tell his story.

Hancock Timber Resource Group

Looking for a job that gets you outdoors and has openings all over the US?  Or, if you like to travel … New Zealand?   We packed our visas and drone and traveled all over the world to help our client recruit the foresters on the future.

Wolf Greenfield – Summer Associates

Sometimes a summer job means mowing a lawn.  At Wolf Greenfield, it could mean protecting the lawn mower’s patented blade cutting technology.  To explain all this, they retained the services of LMP.

American Council of the Blind

A typical day of city life:  wake-up, get ready for work, take public transportation to work, spend eight plus hours at work, go home.  Seems pretty routine doesn’t it?  Imagine doing this without the benefit of sight.

Shawmut Design & Construction

Shawmut is looking to change the way design and construction companies build:  Client Integration and Lean Techniques rule their business model.  When they needed a video as dynamic as their thinking, they turned to LMP.

Covidien goes to Salesforce

Fly to San Francisco and interview a bunch of international sales VPs.  Then fly home 24 hours later and have a video ready in two weeks.  Here’s what we came up with.

Hankook Tire Drifting Series

Go fast.  Watch out for walls and the other driver.  Welcome to Drifting.  One more thing, there are cheerleaders, all for the Hankook Tire Drifting Series.

Quant5 – “Big Data”

You hear the term “Big Data” and it sounds important.  What is it?  Is it important?  Is there money in it?  Companies turn to Quant5 for those answers.  Quant5 turned to LMP for their video.

Mintz Levin – “Richard Mintz 60th”

Turning sixty calls for a big party. Being at a law firm for sixty years – that calls for a big party and a video. In 1948 Richard Mintz joined the law firm his father help found. He rose beyond partner – he became the firm’s heart and soul.