The Dog Days of Video Production

If you know us, you know we’re dog people.  We consider them part of our crew.  Since this is “National Take Your Pet to Work Week” we thought it would a good time to introduce the hairiest members of our crew.

First is Bella – an aging Springer-Spaniel who has had the pleasure of having Gary Gillis  attend to all her requests.  For Bella, her main two needs are food and a tennis ball.  She has been known to steal and eat an entire loaf of bread in such a stealthy manner that would make a Navy Seal Team Six envious.  Out of the four four-legged friends who frequent LMP, she is the only one that understands the game of Fetch.

The award for “Top Shedder” goes to Remy.  Named after the Red Sox announcer and former second basemen, Remy is a Husky, Shepherd, and “a couple of other breeds” mixed together.  The most affectionate out of the bunch, he greets everyone by sniffing in inappropriate places.  Remy will rest his head on your lap literally forever.  Warning – we do not reimburse for dry cleaning.  Pet Remy at your own risk.

The smallest member, in size only, is Ponce.  He spent the first year and a half of his life on the streets of Puerto Rico.  He was found on Ponce De Leon Highway, which is how he got his name, then was shipped to Buddy Dog in Sudbury, MA.  Like Bella, he is obsessed with food.  His approach is more in-line with a seasoned con-artist.  Big eyes, drooping ears, and a nodded head is the pose he’ll assume whenever around someone with food.  Both he and Remy call Jay Dobek their owner – but really, who controls who?

The newest member of the canine crew is Denver.  A true rescue dog.  Ryan Mechski was able to save him from death row in Tennessee.  When he first joined the family any noise – a pen drop, a door knock, anything – forced him to seek shelter.  Many times that “shelter” was under Ryan’s edit bay.  Now, over a year at LMP, he has learned the value of good nap . . . sometimes an eight hour nap.

The four legged members of our staff are always happy to greet clients.  They especially like the ones that bring treats.

Leashes hang on doors.  Dog beds lay under desks.  A fluffy head on your lap.

Oh, by the way, if you’re allergic, that’s fine. Let us know and we’ll just let them work from home.


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