XACT Robotics – RSNA 2021

It’s the biggest stage of the year and XACT Robotics was a star.  Of course they needed a video to recap the week’s events.

Memic – Austin Showcase

It’s been said, “Everything is bigger in Texas.”  So it’s ironic when a minimally invasive surgical robotic system is the talk of the state’s capital.

Bright Horizons – New York Presbyterian

Companies like New York Presbyterian turn to Bright Horizons to help them offer a wealth of services to their employees.  When Bright Horizons needed a simple, effective way to communicate all it offer, Bright Horizons turned to LMP.

Pastoral Excellence Network

It’s a “Calling.”  A vow to support, and care for the congregation.  And when they look for that type of attention where do they turn? This is where.

Walkin’ Around Boston

It was a virtual who’s who in Boston; radio personalities, world renown conductors, food critics, professional baseball players, and green monsters. All coming together to promote the health benefits of walking in the form of a music video.

Relevance Book Launch

Your message doesn’t have to be big or loud. Your message has to be relevant. We didn’t write the book on relevance, but we did produce the author’s video!

Brodueur’s Relevance Book Launch.

Walking Boston

It’s a Massachusetts tradition, the re-enactment of “the shot heard around the world.”  And when the client is a distant relative of Paul Revere, it’s all about capturing the authenticity of the event. That and avoiding the Redcoats.