MA Department of Fire Services – Fire Fighter of the Year 2019

A small town, like Montgomery, MA, depends on volunteers to run its fire department.  It’s a call to serve that is performed after working a full day elsewhere.  Here is the story of one local hero – Chief Stephen P. Frye.

Perkins – Space Camp

Never under-estimate a child’s dream.  Even if that child is legally blind.  What they are capable of can be out of this world … literally.

Relevance Book Launch

Your message doesn’t have to be big or loud. Your message has to be relevant. We didn’t write the book on relevance, but we did produce the author’s video!

Brodueur’s Relevance Book Launch.


Redesigning a new web-site is a huge undertaking.  Making a great first impression on one’s home page is a must.  Empirix choose LMP to create a video to welcome their visitors.